Understand and Improve your services

With Cortex on board, it’s easy for your organization to get comprehensive visibility and control over your microservices.

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Simplify services across
your whole team

Scorecards help
teams win
Drive progress towards org-wide best practices
Single pane
 of glass
Build to
your standards
Be a force for cultural change

“Cortex built bridges among our SRE and our engineering team by providing a single source of truth of Production Readiness Review (PRR) for our microservices.

Now engineering leaders and SREs aren’t just constantly reminding people to adhere to best practices. Cortex has completely changed their role and elevated their strategic importance to the entire organization.”

Riadh - Sr. SRE Manager

Scorecards help teams win

With Scorecards, your team can audit and improve services seamlessly, by tracking against meaningful metrics. 

Tracking service quality on spreadsheets? That’s a thing of the past.

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Drive progress towards org-wide best practices

Initiatives let you set goals and deadlines in a Scorecard, making service quality a moving target for the team. 

Cortex will message service owners over Slack and email with their action items, which engineers can see in the Cortex dashboard. Initiatives align the team towards a common goal within a Scorecard and help drive progress.

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Service Catalog

Single Pane of Glass

One stop shop for engineers to find answers to questions about your services through direct integrations with all your favorite tools

Quickly search and find docs, runbooks and links

Easily integrate your favorite tools like Github, Jira & Sentry

Seamlessly add graphs and validate SLO's from Datadog

View on-call rotations from PagerDuty, Opsgenie, or VictorOps

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Service Creation

Build to your standards

Stop reinventing the wheel - let developers scaffold microservices with one click using standard templates defined by your organization.

Ensure every new project follows your best practices and let developers build services with one click.

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Be a force for 
cultural change

Leaving task management to Cortex leaves you more room to lead.

Grow your influence as a SRE or security leader, with processes that cultivate positive behaviors in your team. It’s simple. We manage services for you, communicate with the engineering team and highlight performance through direct notifications.

Empower the whole team

Cortex helps people across various roles in the organization achieve their goals

SREs and Security Teams

  • Establish and maintain best practices
  • Provide critical data on service performance
  • Track migrations and platform improvements with confidence


  • Build new services from standard templates in one click
  • Understand existing services and how they depend on one another
  • Stay up to date on action items for org wide initiatives

Engineering Leaders

  • Gain visibility and control of rapidly expanding microservices
  • Drive incremental progress towards org wide goals and initiatives
  • Build a culture of reliability and ownership