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At Cortex, each one of us has felt the pain of a sprawling service-oriented architecture. We know what it feels like to get paged at 3 am for a service named Braavos that you've never seen before and frantically search for how to fix it so you can get back to sleep. We've seen service quality turn into institutional knowledge, hurting new engineers who join the team. And we remember seeing our former engineering teams being forced to build and maintain an internal tool to handle service complexity.

  • Built by engineers from companies like Uber and Twilio, Cortex helps engineering teams build better software at scale.

  • Engineering teams around the world trust Cortex to create visibility into their services and help drive adoption of best practices.

Come join us and help us transform the way software is built!


Building Cortex as a remote company

Ganesh Datta
February 2, 2022

A new standard for Internal Developer Portals - Putting our new Series B financing to work

Anish Dhar
May 31, 2023

A couple of words from our team members

White woman with black hair smiling at the camera
“Cortex is defining and developing a new space and this gives all of us tons of opportunity to rapidly innovate, take on a wide array of projects, and quickly deliver a ton of value for our customers. I love it - it’s exciting - and I spend everyday building great technology with great people.”
Cristina Buenahora Bustamante
Director of Engineering
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"Working with the team at Cortex has by far been my best experience in the industry. Not only is everyone super hard-working & talented, they’re also incredibly humble and positive to be around!"
Aditya Bansal
Founding Engineer
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“Working at Cortex has been an incredible experience! It’s not often that individuals in a company feel like they have a voice heard by top leadership, but at Cortex we all have a seat at the table and input for how we operate. The future is bright here and we’re just getting started!”
Mike Connell
Founding Sales Person
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