Achieve consistency and reduce time-to-code

Stop making developers reinvent the wheel - scaffold new microservices that follow all your standards using service templates shared across your organization.

Standardize service architecture

Powered by the industry standard Cookiecutter engine, Service Creation allows developers to easily spin up a new service that follows all of your organization's best practices in less than five minutes.
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Don’t repeat yourself

Save hundreds of engineering hours rewriting the same plumbing over and over and stop struggling to onboard new developers. Service creation lets developers focus on details that really matter.

Never lose track of another project

Tight integration with Cortex’s service catalog means key information, like service ownership and oncall rotations, are tracked from day one.

“Scorecards have made it incredibly easy to track the status of migrations across different services and teams.

We now have real data on which services are at risk and no longer need to manually check with teams, run scripts, or dig through several tools to find the right data. No one has to go in and update anything manually - it’s all automated and synced with Cortex.”

Rafael Garcia - Cofounder & CTO, Clever