Developer Productivity

Eliminate noise through a consolidated view of relevant data in context, enabling you to focus on work that matters.

Balance speed and stability

Utilize the Cortex DORA Metrics Scorecard to analyze and enhance processes, deliver new features rapidly, while maintaining stability and reliability.

Reduce noise

Improve productivity and focus by eliminating context-switching for things like PR status, tickets, and tasks. Initiatives help prioritize work by complexity and criticality for faster time to impact.

Streamline service creation

Cortex Scaffolding brings consistency into your microservices architecture by helping you build and modify services using templates. Templates eliminate the need for repeating the process of manually writing every service from scratch. Write once and replicate for all new services.

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World-class engineering teams rely on Cortex

Our customers do amazing things every day. We’re grateful to play a part in supercharging their already talented teams.


Loved by entire engineering teams

Cortex is loved not only by platform engineers but also across the entire engineering organization, including SREs, security engineers, DevOps, infrastructure professionals, and leadership.

Jonatan Ponzo profile pic
"Cortex lets all our engineers see the quality and reliability of a service they own in one single place, helping us drive best practices across our organization."
Jonatan Ponzo
Senior Technical Architect, Rappi

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