Self-serve workflows

End-to-end developer workflows

If the purpose of an IDP is to abstract away work, why send your team off-platform to finish theirs? Centralize flows that handle everything from repo setup to templating, ticketing, and approvals.

How it works


Add standards

Incorporate standards from across the approval chain to speed workflows without sacrificing quality or security.


Build flows

Chain any action to elicit response from connected tools and teams. Add breaks for user input or approvals.


Reduce tickets

Enable devs to self-serve flows that put them back in control of their day—improving happiness, and velocity.

Use Cases

Developer Onboarding

No more, "Can I have access to..."

Account setup that requires you to file a ticket, wait for approval, and repeat is a waste of time for devs, managers, and SREs. Automate onboarding to reduce tickets and speed time to impact.


Deploy infra on golden paths

Infra-as-code takes more than a scaffolding template and a PR in Terraform. Connect an S3 bucket, spin up a PagerDuty service, issue an auto-formatted Jira ticket, and request manual approval in one place.

Incident Response

Reduce time-to-find

Auto-compile context related to critical incidents, and serve Slack notifications to alert on-call developers of latest issue, recent changes, location of runbooks, and more.

Custom workflows

Build any flow

Most IDPs touting “workflow automation” actually just offer single-action events. Cortex Workflows let you chain together unlimited actions across all connected tools and teams.


How are Cortex Actions different from Cortex Workflows?

Cortex Actions will be subsumed into Cortex Workflows! For now, the difference between the two comes down to single steps vs automated sequences. Cortex Actions enable devs to autonomously push properly formatted information from Cortex to any connected tool; think use cases like service scaffolding and deployment. Workflows enable teams to chain together multiple actions (beyond just HTTP requests). Think use cases that normally require involvement from multiple tools, templates, and teams like developer onboarding or infra-as-code.

Can I replace my other workflow tools with Cortex Workflows?

Cortex Workflows enables you to automate and centralize development processes that may have required manual action across multiple tools. If your wider organization is using other workflow tools for non-software-specific workflows, you can consider moving software-specific flows to Cortex to reduce inconsistency.

How is Cortex Workflows unique?

No other Internal Developer Portal offers the ability to chain together multiple actions to orchestrate activity in connected tools. Beyond just generating an HTTP request and calling a scaffolding template, users can also perform data transformations, request user input with auto-complete, generate a Slack message, or even pause the flow for manual user approvals.