Introducing Eng Intelligence

Closing the gap between measurement and impact

Measuring productivity isn’t just about tracking total number of closed PRs, or time to resolution—it’s about using that data to uncover bigger trends and drive meaningful change from a central system of record the whole org can trust.

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Developer metrics report screenPlatform graphics about:
- Avg deploys
- PR open to close
- Time to review
- Avg time to approval
- Avg PRs reviewed/week

Getting Started

Eng Intelligence is powered by data you're already using in Cortex, making it easy to connect output to outcomes.

Steps to Eng metricsSteps to Eng metrics


Leverage data that already exists in Cortex thanks to any active integrations you have with GitHub, GitLab, PagerDuty, Jira, or deployment and rollback APIs.



Track changes in key metrics to identify trends and bottlenecks in context against data from multiple sources. Filter by team, time, or individual.



Use metrics to build new Scorecards or tune existing. Drive productivity improvement in the same space you manage software improvement.

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Use Cases

Incidents and time to review graphic
Track trends

Investigate causes, not just symptoms

Bringing productivity analysis into your IDP means you can leverage data from across the SDLC—not just git. Don't push your team to reduce time to review, if incidents are on the rise, and basic security standards still haven't been met.

Improve resourcing

Spot bottlenecks and opportunities to help

Compare metrics across teams or groups, and bring in additional context to make sense of performance trends. Is Infra falling behind because their team is still ramping, or because software they inherited is in poor health?

Infra Team and Backend Team profiles
Cortex interface payments services and platform team
Reduce noise

Centralize software and productivity improvement

Take a holistic approach to operational excellence by building productivity standards alongside, or within existing software maturity Scorecards. Reduce alert fatigue for devs with a single place to manage tasks and track progress.