Backstage Migration Helper

Keep your catalogs, lose the maintenance

You've built your catalogs on Backstage, but maintenance isn't what you expected, and adoption isn't what you hoped.
Save your work and get more value from your IDP with Cortex's Backstage migration helper.

Services screen inside Cortex app

It’s easy to migrate from Backstage to Cortex

Migrate your catalogs from Backstage in minutes, maintaining the catalogs, teams, and links you’ve already built.

Backstage logo connected to Cortex logo


Install the Cortex plugin in your Backstage instance

Progress bar for sync entities


Sync entities to migrate catalogs and teams

standards of quality or readiness on cortex app


Continuously monitor alignment to standards

Catalog, issues, action items and open PRS at one screen on cortex app
Why Cortex

Increase developer experience and adoption

Spotify’s own VP of Engineering estimates a 10% adoption rate in orgs using Backstage.

Developer adoption with Cortex is higher than Backstage, in large part because of the Developer Homepage. Pull all of your data into a single place, so developers can quickly assess where to invest their time.

Why Cortex

Your catalogs, mapped to your business logic

With Cortex catalogs, ownership, documentation, change history, and dependencies are always up-to-date. And, answer questions faster with Cortex Query Language, like “who’s on call for services in our payment product?,” or, “which services are still on the old secrets manager?”.

Overview of services ownership for a few dwevelopers using cortex app
Cortex’s unified data model
Why Cortex

Always-on reporting and scorecards

Drive action against short and long-term projects using data from any tool in your ecosystem to build rules for production readiness, operational maturity, or even one-off migrations.

Why Cortex

Plugins for any data source

When migrating to Cortex, it’s easy to preserve what you’ve already built on Backstage, and continue building for any use case. Cortex is the only IDP that has a plugin framework, so you can build apps that can be embedded in the Cortex UI and fed from any data source.

Cortex dashboard with option to connect plugin functionality
Preview of performance indicator inside Cortex app
Why Cortex

Eng Intelligence

Productivity metrics are useless without context. Cortex is the only IDP that enables you to track indicators of performance in the same space you track software health—to close the gap between metrics and meaning.

World-class engineering teams that switched from Backstage to Cortex

Teams choose Cortex over Backstage every day, opting for faster time to value, better scalability, and greater developer satisfaction.


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