Production Readiness

Deploy software that sticks to standards—always.

It's not hard to meet basic software requirements like having on-call set up. But tracking continuous alignment to standards for SLOs, code coverage, and vulnerabilities is a different story. Cortex helps devs get and stay production ready using any standard you define.

Production Readiness screen inside cortex app dashboard

Getting Started

Apply standards to how services, resources, APIs, or any type of software is built. Auto-assess alignment using 50+ integrations to all your favorite tools.

Data visualization from tools inside cortex app


Centralize data from all your team’s tools

Gold and Silve rules for tasks


Add any “always-on” rules that unite all standards

Alert and action items inside Cortex app


Auto-assess and alert users of action needed

Take the tour!

Step through a guided process on setting up your ideal production readiness checklist.