Introducing Scorecard

Set standards and keep teams accountable

Define requirements for any standard like production or migration readiness, development quality, security compliance, and more. Track alignment sans spreadsheet.

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Onboarding scorecard screen with rules and reports

Getting Started

Scorecards enable you to drive alignment on best practices or make progress against short-term initiatives like migrations, version EOL, and compliance

standards of quality or readiness on cortex app


Define standards of quality or readiness

Cortex interface with assess with context, and prescribe action


Assess with context, and prescribe action

Deadlines, notify, and drive action on cortex app

Drive Action

Set deadlines, notify, and drive action

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Cortex’s unified data model
How it works

Pull insights to make informed decisions

Quickly assess health, progress, bottlenecks, and areas of risk through reports you can slice by team, product, individual, and more.

How it works

Cut out the noise and prioritize work that matters

Drive action against all or part of a Scorecard that carries a strict deadline, or should be prioritized before other actions. Auto-alert only relevant owers, track progress, and spot issues quickly.

Notifications ordered by prioritization on cortex app
Initiatives functionality inside Cortex app

Drive organizational progress with ease using initiatives

Within any Scorecard, assign owners and due dates to drive any best-practice, platform migration, and audit need.

Example Scorecards

DORA Metrics

There are a lot of ways to gauge the performance of your DevOps teams and the health of your software, but DORA metrics have emerged as the industry standard.

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DORA Metrics Scorecards examples on Cortex app

Operational Readiness

Are services ready to be deployed to production? Are there runbooks, dashboards, logs, on-call escalation policies, monitoring/alerting, and accountable owners?

Operational Readiness Scorecards examples on Cortex app


Have teams moved to right platform library version? Is the migration to the new Kubernetes cluster complete? How many teams have the right CI file checked-in?

Migrations Scorecards examples on Cortex app