Self-Service Actions

Enable developer self-service

Eliminate tickets for common development tasks with the ability to trigger no-code events like API calls, service deploys, or resource provisioning.

Actions interface on Cortex app listing execution history
cortex app interface of action definition with fields

Build any action for any use case

Leverage a combination of HTTP requests or Scaffolder calls to generate any action outside Cortex without needing to leave your central system of record.

Provisioning & Deployments

Provision resources or deploy services

Automatically provision resources like AWS RDS, Lambda, or an S3 Bucket. Deploy new services to specified environments built using pre-approved templates.

AAction details with run action button on cortex app
Action creation with Jira ticket on cortex app
Tickets and Permissions

Auto-add, or help eliminate tickets

Retrieve system access tokens such as JWTs—on-demand—via API. Eliminate tickets for common requests by auto-granting temporary access tokens.