Eliminate noise and prioritize impactful work

Cortex’s personalized homepage unlocks productivity by showing developers priority action items based on criticality and impact.

Cortex dashboard highlighting important actions for developer
Developer Homepage

No more context switching

Pull data from critical tools for a centralized view of PR and ticket status, on-call information, and priority tasks. The Developer Homepage pulls all of your data into a single place so you can quickly assess where to invest your time.

Catalog, issues, action items and open PRS at one screen on cortex app
Customer support action item due in 2 days on Cortex app

Paved pathto excellence

Action items are tied directly to Scorecards and Initiatives and prioritized by expected lift and deadline. Now devs know exactly what to do and when to meet their company’s ever-evolving standards of service maturity and security.


Always stay up to date

Our Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications keep devs updated on their priority tasks and any regressions in the quality of their services that requires immediate attention.

Cortex app options to integrate with Slack and Microsoft teams notifications