Introducing Plugins

Bring data from anywhere to extend your experience

Take ownership over your IDP experience. Plugins let you build apps that can be embedded in the Cortex UI and fed from any data source, including homegrown solutions.

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Cortex dashboard displays apps such as Github, Postgress and Datadog

Data from anywhere, formatted for you

Add data from internal systems, build new connections, or extend integrations we already offer. The Cortex plugin framework lets you create a true system of record across all your critical sources, no matter where they live.

Cortex logo connected to Service, Team, Domain and Resource data
Cortex dashboard with option to connect plugin functionality

Add new functionality to your Cortex UI

Centralize data and experiences from adjacent systems in your internal developer portal, enabling devs to do more without leaving their system of record


Customize your user experience

Developer adoption increases when new tools match existing ways of work. Add widgets and customize tabs to tailor your developer’s homepage to fit daily workflows.

Cortex dashboard with option to Deploy plugin