Software Ownership

Eliminate manual updates that lead to stale ownership data. Cortex automatically syncs with your identity provider and keeps ownership information up to date.

No more orphaned services

Cortex ensures that every single service has a distinct owner, and an explicit purpose and boundary.

Automatically track and identify ownership

Cortex integrates with identity providers like Okta and Workday to map team members automatically to services and resources.

Always stay up to date

Teams change all the time. As your organization evolves, Cortex keeps all your team information up to date to make sure no service is left behind.

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World-class engineering teams rely on Cortex

Our customers do amazing things every day. We’re grateful to play a part in supercharging their already talented teams.


Loved by entire engineering teams

Cortex is loved not only by platform engineers but also across the entire engineering organization, including SREs, security engineers, DevOps, infrastructure professionals, and leadership.

Tim brown profile pic
"Cortex helps unite our organization in defining cross-cutting standards of excellence. We plan to share our learnings about best practices here to help the whole community reach new levels of software maturity, security,and reliability.”
Tim Brown
Chief Information Security Officer, SolarWinds

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