Organize and operate your services from one platform

Cortex's catalog ends the sprawl of fragmented tools and tribal knowledge, making it simple for developers to find answers to questions about ownership, documentation, oncall rotations, SLOs, and more.
screenshot of service catalog in cortex app
"Cortex has tremendously helped with the visibility and discoverability of service info.
It’s very easy for a new engineer to learn more about the services they own and their downstream dependencies. We can understand what a service is calling, who its owners are, and where the documentation lives in one single dashboard.”
Sanket - Sr. Software Engineer

Out-of-the-box integrations with all your infrastructure and tooling

Cortex makes it easy to integrate with your infrastructure and the most popular tools used by engineering teams. Centralize live data about dependencies, ownership, documentation, and oncall in a single pane of glass. Easily access all this information through our Slackbot.
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tools logos such as google, github and pagerDuty being connected to cortex dashboard
screenshot of synced data in cortex app

Up to date ownership

Never be surprised by an orphaned service. Assign ownership of services and Cortex will automatically keep it up to date by syncing with your Identity Provider.

Resolve incidents faster

When downtime hits there’s no time to waste. With Cortex’s service catalog, your team can focus on resolving the incident, instead of scrambling to find key information across all your different tools.
screenshot of incidents levels in cortex app
screenshot of visualization of dependencies in cortex app

Dive into the details

Service Catalog allows teams to visualize dependencies and understand service performance against SLOs, enabling developers to make informed decisions in complex software environments.