Unlock insights hidden across all of your tools and infrastructure

Cortex’s CQL and deep integrations with your engineering stack lets you find insights about your infrastructure by joining data.

“Cortex was a critical piece of our Log4j mitigation effort. The ability to easily identify owners and correlate Snyk reporting really allowed us to focus on getting patched instead of managing spreadsheets and lists”

Shawn Burke - Distinguished Engineer

Zero-overhead migrations, audits, and initiatives

Stop wasting time writing scripts and manually finding affected services for your security audits, migrations, and compliance initiatives.

Unlock insights hidden deep within your catalog and third party tools

Cortex lets you query data that spans across your entire tech stack, giving you insights into previously impossible questions like “do services without owners have more outages?”

Supercharge your documentation with CQL

Documentation doesn’t have to mean searching through a stale wiki that never has what you’re looking for.

Combined with the Service Catalog, the Cortex Query Language (CQL) lets you instantly find automatically up-to-date answers to questions about your services, like “what’s deployed on the dev cluster?