Product Updates

Integrating Jira with Cortex Initiatives

Cortex is a developer portal that helps engineering teams create a culture of reliability and ownership. Its service and resource catalogs provide a single-pane-of-glass into critical information about their ownership, documentation, dependencies and third party integration data. Cortex uses this data to give engineering organizations visibility into areas of risk across their teams and architecture, allowing leadership to prioritize and drive Initiatives to improve service quality and maturity across the organization. 

One of the most powerful features in Cortex is Initiatives, which allows our customers to drive tactical progress on their Scorecards without the manual effort that engineering teams are so accustomed to. Cortex automatically assigns action items and notifies service owners, removing the burden from individual engineers who are tasked with driving these Initiatives. 

Customers use Initiatives to both drive action on Scorecards, such as service maturity or best practices, as well as to drive more ad hoc migrations and audits including the log4j remediation effort earlier this year. The automation and accountability provided by Initiatives and Scorecards helps engineering teams create a culture of ownership and reliability.

Today, we’ve released an expansion to our integration with Jira that enables customers to automatically create JIRA tickets for action items generated by an Initiative! This means that users of Cortex can rely on Cortex for the automation provided by Initiatives, while still tracking and driving their progress in JIRA, where they already work. 

What makes this feature especially powerful is our bi-directional sync with JIRA – as action items are completed in Cortex, the associated Jira tickets are automatically closed and vice versa. If new requirements are added to an initiative, corresponding tickets are automatically created in the right projects without any additional input from the owner of the Initiative.

By combining Initiatives with JIRA, you can more effectively drive progress across your organization, while minimizing the manual work involved. This congruity enables you to get the most out of JIRA, providing greater visibility into existing issues and optimizing project management.

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