Drive progress towards a culture of ownership & reliability

Initiatives let you set goals and deadlines in a Scorecard, making service quality a moving target for the team.

Initiatives align your team to a common goal

Set attainable goals
Drive org-wide cultural shifts
Accelerate progress

Initiatives Examples

Operational Maturity

Drive SLO adoption across the organization through automatically assigned action items. Improve operational practices by targeting the teams that need it the most.

Operational Readiness

Make tactical progress on operational readiness, so that your team is ready to handle incidents when they occur.

Development Maturity

Nudge your engineering team in the right direction with initiatives that drive home development best practices, like code coverage, CI, and automation.

DORA Metrics

Improve your team’s change failure rate. It represents the percent of changes or releases that result in downtime, degraded service, or rollbacks.

If you aren’t familiar with DORA metrics, take a few minutes to read this comprehensive guide to understanding DORA metrics.


Move the entire organization in the right direction during platform migrations, security audits, and high-risk stack transitions.

Goals for all best practices

Set org-wide goals for every best-practice, platform migration, and audit need.

Tied to existing processes

Initiatives are tied to existing Scorecards, letting you drive incremental org-wide progress on existing processes, rather than ad-hoc ones.

Personalized action items

Cortex automatically assigns action items to engineers based on outstanding tasks for an org-wide initiative.

Nudges and notifications

Use service ownership to notify and nudge engineers about progress and outstanding action items.