How Cortex can help SRE teams amplify their reach

Site reliability engineers can amplify their reach and influence across teams with Cortex in their toolbox. With the ability to define clear standards and drive progress, Cortex enables everyone at an organization to adopt an SRE mindset. Make sure to visit us at SREcon to learn more about how Cortex can serve as a single source of truth for your SRE team!

The SRE team may not be the biggest team at your organization, but the work that site reliability engineers do is vital to the overall health of an application. SREs work tirelessly to make sure that services are meeting standards and that a product is as consistently available to users as possible, while working with developers to launch new features without disrupting the user experience.

With a 20-year history, it’s no surprise that SRE is a practice supported by a wide range of tools and resources like SRE Weekly, a newsletter that offers best SRE practices. SRE is not only a rapidly evolving field, but one that also involves more than other fields: SREs are tasked with managing technological and human factors to maintain a reliable product. Especially in a world of continuous integration and continuous delivery, continuous improvement becomes a key practice for SREs.

To do their jobs well, SREs usually need a suite of tools, like APMs, on-call managers, and configuration tools. With all these moving parts, it’s no surprise that a developer portal is a core part of an SRE strategy. With a developer portal, SREs have a single source of truth that they can rely on. Portals like Cortex can integrate with the core tools that SREs rely on, making it easy for SREs to find all of the information they need. Plus, portals like Cortex also offer visibility into key metrics, like mean time to resolution, through innovative Scorecards and reports. 

Cortex works with SREs at organizations of all sizes, helping them amplify their reach and influence across teams. With the ability to define action items and establish clear standards that prompt developers to improve, Cortex enables all individuals at an organization to adopt an SRE mindset. SREs in particular can use Cortex to set deadlines for progress and manage company-wide initiatives, like migrations, from a single place.

SREs were some of the first Cortex users, which is why we’re so excited to attend SREcon from March 21 to 23 as a gold sponsor. Reliability and observability are at the core of what we do at Cortex, and we can’t wait to meet more members of this community. Make sure to stop by Booth #310 to pick up a free Cortex T-shirt, plus enter for a chance to win a PS5!