Datadog Service Catalog Alternative: Compare Cortex to Datadog Service Catalog

Looking for an Datadog Service Catalog alternative? You've come to the right place - Teams choose Cortex over Datadog Service Catalog to get complete visibility into their service architecture, up-to-date ownership information, and enforce best practices with Scorecards and powerful CQL.

“Scorecards have made it incredibly easy to track the status of migrations across different services and teams.
We now have real data on which services are at risk and no longer need to manually check with teams, run scripts, or dig through several tools to find the right data. No one has to go in and update anything manually - it’s all automated and synced with Cortex.”
rafael garcia
Rafael Garcia - Cofounder & CTO, Clever
“Cortex has tremendously helped with the visibility and discoverability of service info.
It’s very easy for a new engineer to learn more about the services they own and their downstream dependencies. We can understand what a service is calling, who it’s owners are, and where the documentation lives in one single dashboard.“
Sanket - Sr. Software Engineer

Cortex vs Datadog

Flexible Scorecards to drive best practices and standards, with 30+ direct integrations and unlimited extensibility

Automatically sync team memberships with Identity Providers like Okta, GitHub Teams, and Active Directory for up to date service ownership
One-click service creation powered by Cookiecutter to generate boilerplate and plumbing for new services
Executive reporting for Scorecards with historical data to drive service maturity
Query services across custom fields, integrations, and metadata

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Introducing the Resource Catalog

The Resource Catalog offers unparalleled visibility into your infrastructure, unlocking the ability for developers to manage and track these assets just like services. By promoting ownership and accountability, the Resource Catalog revolutionizes the way we see service architecture.

Structuring your templates with Cortex’s Scaffolder

Cortex’s Scaffolder tool helps you build and modify services using a consistent template. This can remove redundancies and keep different types of code standardized based on that template. Learn more about structuring your templates with Cortex’s Scaffolder here.

Building a DORA metrics Scorecard

DORA metrics offer invaluable insight into how your DevOps teams are performing. With the power of Scorecards, you can transform these analytics into action, and set meaningful goals for improving your processes.

Align your team and drive accountability

Scorecards enable teams to drive what matters most to them – including service quality, production readiness standards, and migrations.
Tracking service quality on spreadsheets? That’s a thing of the past.
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screenshot of scorecards from cortex app
screenshot of service catalog in cortex app
Service Catalog

A single source of truth for your services

Cortex’s service catalog integrates with the most popular engineering tools, giving teams an easy way to understand everything about their architecture
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Build a culture of reliability and high performance

Teams enable organizations to drive a sense of ownership and pride as they improve service quality.
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screenshot of teams area inside cortex app
Screenshot of Scaffolder in cortex app

Ensure new services follow best practices from day one

Scaffolder lets developers scaffold a new service in less than five minutes using custom templates crafted by your team.
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