Service Ownership

Drive ownership and accountability across product and engineering.
screenshot of accountability and ownership in cortex app
"Cortex lets all our engineers see the quality and reliability of a service they own in one single place, helping us drive best practices across our organization."
Jonatan ponzo
Jonatan Ponzo - Senior Technical Architect
World-class engineering teams rely on Cortex

Enable autonomy across engineering teams

Cortex allows engineering teams to operate independently which means they can ship quickly and efficiently while aligning on service quality goals and organizational expectations.
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Screenshot of Scaffolder in cortex app

Enable standards for software development

As new services are introduced, engineers can utilize Cortex’s Scaffolder to meet the organization's best practices and implementation goals, including built-in templates which eliminate the need to create everything from scratch each time.

Keep team ownership updated

Cortex integrates with identity providers to sync and map team memberships automatically to services and resources. Ownership stays up-to-date with reorgs and as team members join or leave.
screenshot of synced data in cortex app