Security Migrations

An actionable platform for achieving security compliance.

“Cortex was a critical piece of our Log4j mitigation effort. The ability to easily identify owners and correlate Snyk reporting really allowed us to focus on getting patched instead of managing spreadsheets and lists.”

Shawn Burke - Distinguished Engineer
World-class engineering teams rely on Cortex

Quickly mitigate
security vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities and high SEV incidents can be mitigated quickly by using the Cortex query builder to search across all potentially impacted services and build a Scorecard to work as an organization on resolution.

Handle security migrations with ease

When a package becomes vulnerable and needs to be updated, the Cortex Query Builder allows teams to query across all services and update them to the right version.

Amplify security initiatives across the organization

Small security teams support large engineering organizations. Using Cortex Scorecards along with Initiatives, security teams are able to evangelize programs and enable all teams to work toward common security and compliance goals.

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