Engineering Efficiency

Deep insight into your engineering processes.
insight in engineering processes in cortex app
“Been really helpful for us as a rapidly scaling engineering org, to have a platform in place that is engineering leadership focused around best practices. It’s been huge for us as a remote/de-coupled organization.”
mike maclannahan
Mike Mclannahan - Director of Engineering
World-class engineering teams rely on Cortex

Balance speed and stability

Engineering teams can utilize a Cortex DORA metrics Scorecard to analyze their processes and make improvements over time, to deliver on new features quickly, while maintaining stability and reliability.
Cortex DORA metrics Scorecard
screenshot of centralized view for engineering

Centralized view for engineering

Cortex provides a single pane of glass for understanding team organization and service ownership with the ability to link runbooks, view on-call schedules, and create service reports and initiatives to achieve organizational goals.

Maintain accountability across teams

Enable engineering teams to have a system of record via a centralized view in Cortex for understanding team health, visualizing, and notifying on where there are gaps and issues in service Scorecards.
accountability example in cortex app