Backstage Plugin

Add scorecarding and initiatives to Backstage via our plugin, or leverage our migration tool to move all of your Backstage components to Cortex.

Score anything

Cortex’s Backstage plugin leverages data from over 40 integrations to score software by any standard you define. Auto-refresh to see the latest progress.

Drive action

Ensure deadlines are met with Initiatives that let you carve off priority tasks for immediate action. View progress by component, team, or individual.

Preserve work

Cortex’s Backstage migration tool lets you retain Backstage components in your catalog, while also adding the ability to define custom data.

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World-class engineering teams rely on Cortex

Our customers do amazing things every day. We’re grateful to play a part in supercharging their already talented teams.


Loved by entire engineering teams

Cortex is loved not only by platform engineers but also across the entire engineering organization, including SREs, security engineers, DevOps, infrastructure professionals, and leadership.

James Russo profile picture
"Prior to Cortex, we had a lot of best practices and standards scattered across our knowledge bases as documentation, but it was impossible to track what services were following the standards that we had defined. It was often the case that incidents would be caused by assumptions that these standards are being followed throughout our software, when in actuality this was not always true, especially for legacy services."
James Russo
Senior Software Engineer, Brex

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