Automating Production Readiness

Move quickly, minimize toil, and avoid impacting customer experience.
production readiness dashboard in cortex app
“The need for a services catalog became obvious when we transitioned from a monolith to Microservices as we were rapidly scaling the company”
Jonatan ponzo
Jonatan Ponzo - Senior Technical Architect
World-class engineering teams rely on Cortex

Easy to get up and running

Cortex integrates with a variety of monitoring, CI/CD, infrastructure vendors and more so it fits seamlessly into an existing workflow which lowers the learning curve, and eliminates the need for overhauling tools.
tools logos such as google, github and pagerDuty being connected to cortex dashboard
view of all services and resources in cortex app

Focus on the right work

Engineering teams can resolve incidents faster and get back to feature development by having an inclusive view of all services and resources, along with their health in a single catalog in Cortex.

Enable team wide communication

Cortex’s Scorecards and Service Catalog brings all teams into a single unified platform to understand production quality, who is on-call for a service, and where there might be issues to facilitate collaboration when shipping new services and making improvements.
notifications for engineers about process in cortex app