Single pane of glass for all your service architecture

The service catalog serves as a one stop shop for SREs, developers, and engineering leaders to find answers to questions about ownership, documentation, on call rotation, SLOs, and more.

Quickly find answers about your services

Everything in the right place
Gain context during incident response
Reduce tribal knowledge across your team

Direct Integrations with all your tooling and infrastructure

Cortex integrates with all your favorite tools to provide a single pane of glass into your service architecture. View the current on call-rotation from Opsgenie or Pagerduty and SLOs from Datadog directly from the catalog. Our integrations.

Organize your documentation in one place

Instead of having documentation scattered in several tools, Cortex can help you organize all important links in one place.

Ownership linked to your identity provider

Cortex automatically assigns action items to engineers based on outstanding tasks for an org-wide initiative.

Visualize Dependencies

Cortex helps you keep track of dependencies between services in a visual map allowing you to quickly understand how services interact and depend on each other.


Cortex can automatically map SLOs to teams and services during service import and help you visualize when services are not meeting their standards. View SLOs and error budgets from Datadog or even from tools that don’t natively support them like Lightstep.

Fetch service data directly from Slack

Our Slack integration makes it easy to fetch live service information like on-call rotations or documentation.