Introducing Scaffolder

Achieve consistency and reduce time-to-code

Speed paths to production with project templates and boilerplate code. Bring scorecards to life by removing the friction faced when building services and resources that meet standards of readiness.

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Scaffolder interface on cortex app with options to create a new service or add to an existing service

Bootstrap new entities from scratch

Templatize new services and resources with input validation for owners, groups, and dependencies. Create a new repo or open a PR against a mono-repo.

Cortex interface with options to create a new service and add to an existing one
Line connecting new services and resources with existing ones through Github.

Ensure Day 1 tracking with tight catalog integration

New services and resources are automatically added to your Cortex catalogs for immediate discovery and easy tracking or evaluation against new or existing scorecards.


Centralize and track template usage

Move templates off local machines into a central repository for consistency and easy access. Track usage to understand what templates are being used and built.

Cortex interface with templates available