Using Team Hierarchies to promote accountability

Microservices have completely changed the way we think about architecture, and they’ve also influenced the way organizations are structured. Across leading engineering orgs, you’ll find smaller distributed teams with highly specific domains. While this can significantly streamline operations, it can also lead to a complex and unwieldy organization chart. 

Managing microservices can quickly become an overwhelming and unsustainable endeavor without meaningful visibility into your organization chart and clear ownership protocols. Unless you have the right tools at your disposal, you’ll find that the benefits of adopting microservices are negated by the complexity of managing a sprawling system.

Through Scorecards, you can easily define standards and establish best practices, so you can trust that everyone at your organization agrees on what service maturity and reliability mean in practice. Cortex Scorecards can quickly tell you which services are compliant and which ones aren’t, offering the visibility you and your teams need to improve.

Because ownership is integral to Cortex, once you have this insight into your services, it’s easy to aggregate data to see which teams are meeting standards and which teams are lagging behind.

Team Hierarchies

Engineering leaders now have another tool at their disposal: Team Hierarchies. Hierarchies allow you to create a fully functional org chart within Cortex, which feeds into reporting, producing high-level insight into service maturity. Because Hierarchies are completely customizable, it doesn’t matter how complex your team structures are.

With the people-first approach enabled by Hierarchies, leaders can consider the big picture: Are teams understaffed? What additional resources do they need? Which departments are consistently following best practices? An org chart powered by Cortex empowers leaders to make informed decisions by providing insights into potential risk areas. 

Visibility plus accountability

The Hierarchies tool unlocks a new level of visibility, providing people-driven insight into bottlenecks and risks. A holistic understanding into how departments are functioning allows leaders to easily see where additional resources are needed. 

Most importantly, Hierarchies allow leaders to drive specific goals and encourage team members in the right direction, cementing a culture of accountability. Leaders can celebrate the teams and departments that exceed expectations, and through positive reinforcement, can motivate others in the organization to improve.

With Cortex, you not only have visibility into your services, but you also have powerful insight into how your teams are performing. These tools make it easier than ever to drive a culture of accountability at your organization. To try Cortex for yourself, book a demo today and see how we can transform how your org functions.