How integrating AWS into Cortex augments visibility into your infrastructure

With the Resource Catalog, Cortex can augment all the vital data you have in AWS, while providing even greater visibility into your infrastructure. Learn more about how to get the most out of AWS by integrating with Cortex, and make sure to stop by our kiosk at re:Invent.

With AWS re:Invent right around the corner, infrastructure has been top of mind at Cortex. Earlier this year, we launched our revolutionary Resource Catalog, which integrates with AWS accounts to automatically ingest all infrastructure components, from s3 buckets to lambdas. Through this process, Cortex allows you to track everything in a single place, while augmenting the information that already exists in AWS.

The Resource Catalog surfaces live information about your infrastructure assets. Need to know what availability zones a database is in? Want to confirm whether an s3 bucket is encrypted properly? All of that information, and much more, is easily accessible with the power of Cortex’s resource catalog.

With Scorecards for resources, Cortex empowers you to enforce best practices across your ecosystem. Let’s say, for example, you’re running a migration and you need all RDS instances to be updated to Postgres version 10. Through scorecards and initiatives, you can drive that migration automatically across organizations, and track progress along the way.

By integrating AWS into Cortex, you gain more visibility and context about your infrastructure components. With the ability to tag ownership info, you can easily see what a resource is being used for, why it’s important, and who’s responsible for it.

The AWS integration also allows you to automatically discover and import ECS services into Cortex from your deployments. Cortex treats AWS as a source of truth, so you can easily pull in all relevant entities from your entire ecosystem.

Catch us at re:Invent

We’re super excited to be a Marketplace Pavilion Sponsor for AWS’ re:Invent conference. You can meet co-founders Anish Dhar and Ganesh Datta, along with our go-to-market team, at Kiosk #3252-4 in the Venetian Convention and Expo Center on November 30 and December 1. Plus, you can pick up some free t-shirts and stickers when you stop by to demo our platform.

We’ll also be available for meetings throughout the whole re:Invent conference, from November 28 through December 1. If you want to connect with us, just fill out the form here!