Product Updates

Scorecards for Resources

Cortex’s Resource Catalog allows engineers to track all of their infrastructure components — from databases to Kafta topics — in a single place. The Resource Catalog demystifies infrastructure, giving developers clear insights into exactly how their service architecture works. Using the Resource Catalog, it’s easy to find information about which infrastructure assets are running and how all the distinct components connect.

By using Scorecards for your resources, you can drive compliance across your components on the standards that matter most. Cortex treats resources like services because it’s just as important to establish ownership and best practices with your resources. 

For example, you may want to ensure that all buckets being used by a tier-1 service have encryption or versioning enabled. Or, you might want to make sure all of your databases have multiple availability zones. To drive compliance with either of these initiatives, you need clear ownership and a way to enforce standards.

Scorecards work exactly the same for resources as they do for services — you can apply filters, set ladders, and gain insights through reporting. By treating your infrastructure components as production-grade assets, Cortex empowers your teams to gain more powerful insights into your architecture and drive best practices.

Plus, with Scorecards as code, you can easily manage Scorecards for your resources through GitOps. Scorecards are customizable and flexible, providing you with an accurate understanding of not only your whole system, but every single one of its components.

To see what insights Scorecards can unlock about your architecture, book a demo with Cortex today.