How an engineering leader uses Cortex

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how Cortex can help engineering leaders set and enforce organization-wide standards, and how our platform can help them shape a broader culture of accountability.

December 19, 2021

In order to direct their teams to success, engineering leaders need a clear way to establish reliability and maturity standards, as well as a straightforward way to track progress along these standards. With Cortex, engineering leaders no longer need to worry about communication overhead or manual reports — all the tools and insights they need exist in a single place.

Setting standards

Engineering leaders collaborate with security, SRE, and platform teams to define priorities for the organization. These leaders drive alignment and facilitate agreement across teams about what the organizational development standards are. These standards can then be codified using Cortex’s Scorecards, which not only measure progress, but keep best practices top of mind for everyone.

Insightful reporting

Cortex’s reports can quickly reveal where bottlenecks and risk areas are, as well as opportunities for greater investment. Leaders can group reports by Team Hierarchy to see which teams are meeting standards and which ones might be lagging behind. Reporting allows leaders to quickly identify services that aren’t in compliance and make informed decisions about where additional resources are needed. This data also helps with proactive planning and investment in the organization’s tech stack, process, and overall reliability.

Celebrating success

Through Cortex’s Scorecards, Team Hierarchies, and reporting tools, engineering leadership can celebrate successful teams. Highlighting success and positively reinforcing behavior can motivate others to improve in turn. Celebrating wins is one of the most important parts of leadership because it boosts morale and sets the standards for successes across the organization.

Driving org-wide campaigns

Cortex Initiatives make it easy for engineering leaders to drive organization-wide campaigns with minimal effort. Input the standard that team members should meet, set a deadline, and Cortex will handle the rest, from automated notifications to final reports. By laying out all the remaining Action Items, Initiatives also make it easier for developers to complete a given project.

Creating a culture of ownership and accountability

All of Cortex’s tools revolve around service ownership, making it easy for leaders to create accountability across teams. By streamlining ownership, Cortex makes it easier than ever to manage a distributed microservice architecture.

To see how Cortex can help you shape a culture of reliability across your organization and increase your impact as an engineering leader, book a demo today.

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