Monitoring service issues in Cortex with Sentry

Integrating Sentry into Cortex can help users view Sentry events alongside other service events and pinpoint service issues.

Sentry is an error and performance monitoring platform that helps teams discover, triage, and prioritize errors in real time as well as diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. Sentry is an incredibly useful tool but it can be difficult to associate Sentry issues to the services in your ecosystem and mapping issues across teams often involves using difficult to maintain spreadsheets.

Cortex enhances the Sentry platform by:

  • automatically associating Sentry events with a service
  • adding Sentry logs to the service timeline
  • measuring and improving service quality based on Sentry issues alongside other integrations in Scorecards

To get started see our documentation for adding Sentry to Cortex.

Associating Sentry events with a service

After you set up Sentry in Cortex, your events will be pulled in and associated with each service. This, along with any other integrations set up, will be consolidated into one view. This makes it easy to look up information during incidents and migrations. The service homepage will show you service owners, documentation, on call information, repo information, and more. In the Sentry specific page, you'll be able to see the list of all the issues for that service.

Sentry in the service timeline

When something breaks, Sentry lets you know where the errors are occurring, how often they occur, and what services are impacted. With Cortex, you can see this information next to other service events, such as K8s, Git, and Pagerduty incidents - all on one service timeline. This is particularly powerful during an incident when you need to quickly find the root cause of the problem.

Scorecard Integration

In addition to being able to see your Sentry issues for each service next to your other integrations, you can also define objective standards for each service and align your team to these by using Scorecards. Scorecards enable you to track service quality across a set of services with direct integrations, like Sentry. Each integration has its own set of rules that you can define and assign a set of points relative to how important the data is in the Scorecard itself.

For Sentry, you can check if a service has:

  1. Sentry setup
  2. # of all issues
  3. # of all issues, optionally filtered using Sentry search

Start using Cortex & Sentry today

With Cortex's Sentry integration, you'll be able to map issues to services and visualize them alongside other events like Git and Pagerduty incidents. Additionally, you can grade service quality across all your services based on Sentry issues and other integrations using Scorecards. Visit our documentation to integrate Sentry with Cortex. If you're new to Cortex, set up a demo with our team to get started.