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At Cortex, each one of us has felt the pain of a sprawling service-oriented architecture. We know what it feels like to get paged at 3 am for a service named Braavos that you've never seen before and frantically search for how to fix it so you can get back to sleep. We've seen service quality turn into tribal knowledge, hurting new engineers who join the team. And we remember seeing our former engineering teams being forced to build and maintain an internal tool to handle service complexity.

Built by engineers from companies like Uber and Twilio, Cortex helps engineering teams build better software at scale. Engineering teams around the world trust Cortex to create visibility into their services and help drive adoption of best practices. Come join us and help us transform the way software is built!
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word from CORTEX
Our goal is to help engineering teams foster a culture of reliability and ownership, while letting them focus on building software for the business.
Cortex Co-Founders
Anish, Ganesh, & Nikhil

Core Values at Cortex

Bias to Action
We thrive on ambiguous problems and move quickly to solve them.
Write the Rules
We’re building an entirely new market, which means defining our own playbook.
No Ego
We are honest and transparent with each other. Ideas are assessed based on their merit, not on who had them.
Embrace Opportunities to Grow
We run headfirst into uncomfortable situations, to grow and learn from them.

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